who we are

we are a collective of artists, songwriters, and worship leaders who belong to providencia wpb; a church community in the city center of west palm beach, fl.

why Paradise Hymns?

The name of our church comes from a ship named Providencia that wrecked off the coast of Palm Beach in 1878. 20,000 coconuts were contained inside it's cargo.

Not only did the coconuts provide a sustainable form of agriculture which could be exported without perishing, but they lined our beaches with beautiful palm trees. 

R. R. McCormick, a pioneer in the late 1800's, was quoted to have said this when he arrived on our shore:

“Truly this is a paradise. You have made the wilderness to blossom.”

It's through the shipwrecks of our lives that our jungles have become a paradise. By God’s grace, the wilderness deep within our souls has been made to blossom, create and flourish.

And so we have been given new songs to sing; Paradise Hymns.


Why The Heart?


Paradise Hymns was born out of a conviction that every man, woman, and child is created in the image of God.  God’s original design was for humanity to live out of the deepest places of our hearts to cultivate a safe, loving and flourishing world.

Since the fall in the Garden, creation has been disconnected from that image.  Because of the brokenness, rebellion, and guilt that entered our world, we’ve lost the ability to remain connected to our true selves.

It is by the grace of God through Christ that the veil of shame has been lifted.  The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are inviting us back into connection with God and with ourselves.  

Our journey begins once again, to live out of the image in which we were made and uncover the people we were intended to be. 

And so…we believe that in the wilderness of our hearts, we hear the hymns of paradise.